25 Oct 2015

A Little Break

im studying right now for my first paper today but seems my mood turned down and all i think is wanted to make an entry. i been rarely here and now i wanna start writing back. well, i guess i wanna talk about him, again.

an entry about 'him' 
4.26am thoughts. 

hah doesnt mean i want him back or something like missing him. i just thought that along those years we've been together i should never hate him or saying 'im in pain' or 'been suffer for years' cuz all i knew i felt happy too. i should never blame him for all the pain i felt. this is Allah's plan. Allah gave me the feelings, the pain. yeah, maybe we're not meant to be together that's why our relationship not going well and lasts.

i shouda sorry to him cuz keep blaming him without realising maybe im the one who made him being like that. im grateful enough cuz he made me happy and for the sweet memories we've gone through together, for the experiences, and all those stuffs he spent for me.

well too many thoughts i wanted to tell ya but i dont have any idea how to express it.

but unfortunately, i just started having trust issues with people. it's hard to trust anyone even your close friend, though. anyone could be your worst enemy, anytime. two faced people and backstabbers are everywhere. im afraid of people.

شكرا جزيلا

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